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Decorating Your Home Or Office With Canvas Art

Gone are the days when people just used to let their walls with a decent enough paint. Nowadays, people love to decorate their walls with great artwork to improve the richness and beauty of the interiors of their home and office. One of the most common artworks that people use on the walls is the canvas photos and printouts. They create total viewing pleasure and have an excellent depth awareness to attract the eyes. With so many canvases on offer, it is often very difficult to freeze on those that you find will be apt to adorn your office or home walls. The following are certain tips that you need to follow to find the right decoration for your walls.

Importance of theme of the room
If you are looking to do the walls in your office room, then it would be ideal for you to look out for cityscape photography prints for sale. These items are more suited for office rooms than homes. There are many photos on offer and you need to choose one that perfectly complements the color and the look of the room. It has to be one that matches with the type of the room in your office, say guest room or board room or your office cabin. A photo of the skyscrapers is better suited in larger rooms than the hallway walls or narrow rooms.
Vibrant or neutral colors
You need to know the difference between neutral and vibrant colors and what suits for your room. Neutral color canvases offer a calming and soothing feeling to the room. The vibrant colored canvases and printouts are most suited for rooms where there is a lot of action and excitement. So, you will have to choose cityscape photography prints for sale depending on the color and type office. Vibrant colors will add in the excitement of a fast paced office. A natural beige color will be most suited for doctor’s cabin or a retreat room.
Wall size
• The size of the printouts has to be in accordance with the size of the wall.
• A large decorative artwork would be looking out of place on narrow walls. It will make the rooms look even smaller.
• You should choose smaller canvases for narrow walls and larger canvases for big spaces and walls. A smaller canvas on bigger walls will make the wall feel empty.
Place at the optimal height
If you would like the canvas artwork on your wall to be the talking point, then you need to make sure that it is placed at an optimal height on your wall. It is better to hang it at approximately 65 inches in height from the floor so that it meets the eye level of a person.

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