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Top Ideas For Getting The Best Out Of A Secondhand Store

If you are on the hunt looking for the best fit interior to suit your house without spending your whole entirety of savings to accomplish the refurbishing job, here are some ideas to utilize the hidden wonders of the thrift shop to transform your interior.
· The hotel design
Who would not want to have a huge chandelier in the hallway to open up to a grand staircase that leads to the upstairs? But since 99% of the population of the world cannot afford such luxuries, go for the simple charms that you find wonderful in hotel interior designs. Usually when hotels are closing down or undergoing refurbishing and renovating, they end up auctioning their items. Try to find these auction and sale events and grab that wonderful painting by Emily Kame Kngwarreye that made the hotel hallway iconic.
· Go for the retro parts in each room
A well placed old armchair in the kitchen, an old antique and worn out large mirror by the hallway and a painting by Emily Kame Kngwarreye hanging by your kitchen can make all the difference. Usually if you have an overall one colour walls in your rooms then using some items with eye popping colours is the best choice. Go for salvage yards and secondhand stores and visit them weekly or talk up the counter person to figure out when they usually get new items and grab the great lookers.
· Redo the old items
If you feel like the antique is too antique for you to do much about it or that it does not fit in with the colour scheme you are going for in that room then peel off what is there and go for redoing the cushions. You can get the old patterns and worn out clothing from second hand stores too or you can just use your own old materials to fix it up.
· Take care when buying online
If you are a fan of online auctions or want to try it, make sure to do your research before you go to the site and start bidding. The best way to buy used goods is by being able to see the item itself and online secondhand items are notorious for their vast difference from descriptions given to them by the sellers. So make sure to check customer reviews and talk to people who have bought online used goods and try the sites they went for.
Find out more about Gloria Petyarre’s awesome work. Check out auctions, yard sales and other tiny shops that litter towns when you go out. Most of these places have amazing items for bargain prices.

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